Frequently Asked Questions: Magnetic Core Drills

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What is magnetic drills used for?

A magnetic core drills are an excellent portable power tool that is used to drill holes in steel and other metals.

What is a core cutting machine?

The core cutting machine is used to cut or drill concrete or bituminous pavement cores of various sizes.

Who uses MAG drills?

Magnetic core drills were originally created for construction companies to drill a huge number of holes in pre-existing structural steel. They are more stable and simpler to operate than hand drills, and they also give higher precision and cut large diameter holes faster.

How does a core cutter work?

A punch core mechanism is used in soft coring. This includes nesting two barrels inside each other. The inner barrel is pushed forward to catch the core sample, while the outer barrel is extended to provide a casing to prevent the hole from collapsing.
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