Unika Stands Out as a Reliable Partner for Industries Seeking Precision, Efficiency, and Sustainability. from Construction Sites to Mining Operations, the Versatility and Performance of Unika Core Drills Make Them an Invaluable Asset.

  • Cordless diamond core bit DJW type

    • When using the specially developed wax, no water cooling is required.
    • This special diamond production method is ideal on an impact electric driver. Offers fast drilling and long life.
    • With the positioning guide, stable drilling is assured.
  • Core drill for polyvinyl chloride pipe VPC type

    • Diamond abrasive grit most suitable for drilling in polyvinyl chloride pipe to the cutting edge.
    • Prevents drill stopping when drilling rib pipe to achieve stable operation with no burrs.
    • Expands the “drilling swarf discharge hole” on the flange part to reduce weight.
    • Adopts center pin system enabling simple center positioning.
  • Core drill for ventilating fan FAN type

    • Diamond abrasive grit most suitable for drilling in ALC panels to the cutting edge.
    • Smoothly cuts piano wire and triple reinforcement, including ALC panels. Prevents drill stopping.
    • Expands the “drilling swarf discharge hole” on the flange part to reduce weight.
    • Adopts a center pin system enabling simple center positioning.
  • CORE DRILL Single-function core drill bit E&S for compound materials

    • Adopting unique double blade features, with the inner-blade preceding the outer-blade, boring through material such as; metallic siding, stainless steel/wood siding as well as compound materials (metallic plate + insulating material + plywood) at one go is possible.
    • Swarf is efficiently discharged in boring wooden materials. It is also possible to bore through several layers of thin steel plates.
    • SDS shanks are also available at the same price.
  • DC Type-diamond core drill

    • Drill reinforced concrete (up to 12mm-reinforced) with hardly any impact, low noise, and low load.
    • Easy-to-use center pin system enabling simple center positioning.
  • Deck Bit (Deck Screw Bit types)

    • Most suitable for drilling prepared hole in deck plate for inserting anchors.
    • Long life and excellent sharpness have been achieved by titanium coating and a sharp point.
    • Equipped with a safety stopper to prevent pass-through at the time of penetration.
    • Use of extension shank also improves workability.
  • H.S.S Cordless High-speed-steel hole saw

    • High Speed Steel Drill Bit
    1. Blade part utilizing high grade steel (SKH-51), providing a sharp cutting edge.
    2. Blade thickness only 0.5mm. Thoroughly reducing cutting resistance to a minimum, reducing waste of electrical consumption, improving the number of holes drilled on one full charge.

    Introducing the HSS Cordless High-speed-steel hole saw, the perfect tool for effortless cutting of circular holes in a variety of materials. This HSS type hole saw comes in a range of sizes, from 12mm to 38mm diameter, with an effective length of up to 30mm. The shank diameter is 6.35mm and each pack contains 3 to 5 pieces, depending on the size.

    The HSS Cordless High-speed-steel hole saw is made from high-quality materials that guarantee long-lasting performance and durability. It features a center drill that ensures precision cutting and an ejector spring for easy removal of the cutout. This hole saw is suitable for use with cordless High Speed Steel Drill Bits, making it a convenient tool for both professional and DIY projects.

    Whether you’re working on wood, plastic, or metal, the HSS Cordless High-speed-steel hole saw can make the job easier, faster, and more efficient. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality hole saw that can deliver excellent results every time, choose the HSS Cordless High-speed-steel hole saw.

  • H.S.S High-speed-steel hole saw

     High Speed Steel Drill Bit Cutter
    • Compatible with a wide range of materials from sheet metal to PVC and board. Demonstrate outstanding ease-of-use.
    • A wide range of cutting edge sizes is available from 12mm to 170mm dia. To cope with a variety of uses.
    • Cutting edge has a bimetallic structure employing cobalt HSS (SKH-59).
  • H.S.S High-speed-steel hole saw Without collar

    • Without a stopper (collar), added depth of cut is possible.
    • It can be used on an impact power drill or a standard electric power drill.
    • Cutting edge has a bimetallic structure employing cobalt HSS.
  • HC Type for hammer drill

    • Smoothly transmit powerful hammering and rotation force to offer rapid drilling through reinforced concrete(up to 10mm-reinforced).
    • Extremely thin body incorporates double spiral to eliminate dispersion of drilling force due to swarf.
    • Cope with thick concrete by using shank sizes up to 450mm long.
  • HOLE SAW (T.C.T. Hole saw – Triple Combo Series)

     T.C.T. Core Cutter
    • Quick Body Replacement
    • 3-blade cutters are durable even for hard materials.
    • The 23mm effective length enables drilling materials such as thick steel plates, curved surfaces of metal pipe having heavy large wall thickness and etc.
    • No need to select drill chucking diameter due to “The Compatible Chuck Type Shank for 10mm and 13mm”.
  • LHC Type for rotary hammer drill

    T.C.T. hole saw Meta-core TR Without collar Drill
    • Large-bore drilling is possible even with small, lightweight hammer drills which have low striking force.
    • The inclusion of spiral design for swift swarf removal.
    • Center pin does not require guide plate.

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