• AutoCUT 500

    Fully Automatic Beveling

    AutoCUT 500 Automatic Plate Beveling Machine for Weld Preparation: Simple And Secure Handling With Guide Rails On Both Sides. Chamfer Width 30 mm. Made in Germany.

    Fast And Easy Preparation Of Weld Seams. Continuously Adjustable Angle (15° To 60°) & Land Width Up To 1-3/16″ On Plate Up To 1.5″ Thick. Robust Design, Single Operator Control, And Easy Handling.

    Automatic Feed On Plate Without The Need For A Cart Or Stand. Ideal For Use On Steel, Aluminum And Nonferrous Metals. Offers High-Quality Performance That Allows For Superior Weld Connections. Unit Propels Itself On The Plate – Both Forward And Backward – Without The Need For A Cart Or Stand.

    Plate Beveling With Automated and Continually Adjustable Speed Rate: Fast, Flexible And Variable Milling Angle Adjustment. The Guide Rails Make Handling The AutoCUT 500 Automatic Plate Beveling Machine Especially Simple And Secure.

    The Milling Angle Can Be Continuously Adjusted From 15 To 60 Degrees. Advantages Of The BDS AutoCUT 500 Automatic Beveling Machine. Easy, Safe Handling.

    No Restrictions Of The Working Length. Work Without Carriage, i.e., Independent Of Floor Conditions. Cutting Up To A Plate Thickness Of 40 mm.

    This BDS Machine Is Perfectly Suited For Straightforward And Quick Weld Preparation or Beveling Plates. The Automatic Plate Beveling Machine System Is Characterized By Easy Handling And Evenly Milled Sides For A Perfect Weld.

    The manual feed beveling machine is available as model number SKF 25


  • EKF 300.3

    30° Chamfering (1/4″)
    EKF 300.3 Chamfering Machine with fine adjustment feature for slight chamfers when deburring for the preparation of weld seams.
    The EKF 300.3 is ideal for chamfering 30-degree angle in 5 mm (1/4″) width. Ideal for straight edges, from the outside edge of the profile as well as the inside edges.
    Equipped with a robust milling cutter the EKF 300.3 has 3 pieces of carbide inserts in a triangular shape which can be used from 3 sides.
    Made in Germany EKF 300.3 is equipped with a powerful 1500 Watt (13.6 Amp) motor which delivers 6000 RPM.
    This compact EKF 300.3 chamfering machines weighs just 4.6 Kg (10.5 lbs)

  • EKF 450.3

    45° Chamfering

    The EKF 450.3 Plate Chamfering Machine is designed to bevel 45° weld seams on steel, stainless, nonferrous metals, brass, and plastics.

    Ideal for the following applications: Moldmaking, Boiler and process plant construction (prepare weld seams on heat exchangers), Mechanical engineering (deburr machine parts, chamfer edges to protect against paint peeling and create visible edges), Sheet metal (deburr cut edges).

    This made in Germany plate chamfering machine is equipped with a strong 1500 Watt (13.6 Amp) motor that delivers 6000 RPM.

    EKF 450.3 is equipped with a new generation milling head consisting of 3 triangular shaped carbide inserts which can be used from three sied.

    This lightweight machine weighs just 4.6 kg. (10.5 lbs.)

  • EKF 452.3

    2.5 mm Radius Chamfering

    The EKF 452.3 Radius Chamfering Machine is a lightweight machine which weighs just 4.6 kg. (10.5 lbs.). This made in Germany chamfering machine is equipped with 1500 Watt (13.6 Amp) robust motor which has 6000 RPM. The EKF series machines are available in 230 Volts as well as in 110 Volts.

    Due to its handy, compact design, the machine can be used on straight edges, internal and external radii and for drill holes from diameter 22 mm. The fine adjustment allows slight chamfers for deburring up to the preparation of welding seams.

    Three milling cutters with a chamfering angle of 45°, optionally 30° or a radius of 2.5 mm are available. The EKF 452.3 is designed for chamfering 2.5 mm Radii.

  • EKF 530

    30° X 12 mm Beveling

    The new BDS Series of Portable Beveling Machines are tailor-made to meet the requirements of every operator. The new EKF 500 & 600 series from BDS is designed for maximum performance and optimal comfort. With the new milling head technology, the EKF Beveling Machines can also operate at low speeds without jerking or jumping. The result is optimally milled edges, even when rounding. The EKF 530 portable beveling machine is ideal for a 30-degree chamfer with 12 mm (0.472”) width. The EKF 530 is equipped with a new generation milling cutter with special carbide inserts. Made in Germany EKF 530 comes with an 1800 Watts (14.50 Amp) powerful motor delivering 1850 – 3350 RPM. The EKF 530 has variable speed control to fine tune the RPM you require. Weighing just 9.3 Kg. (20.5 lbs.) the EKF 530 is available in 220-240 V & 110-125 V (50-60 Hz).

  • EKF 545

    45° X 12 mm Beveling

    The EKF Portable Plate Beveller are ideal for deburring, bevelling and weld seam preparation.

    They deliver optimal results in a short amount of time, be it machining metal components made of steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, brass or even synthetic materials.

    The new milling technology from BDS produces the best results with comfortable handling: The new tangential plate configuration on the milling heads ensures low-impact and low-vibration machining even at lower speeds.

    EKF 545 plate beveller is ideal for 45-degree beveling with 12 mm (0.472”) width. Equipped with a German make motor which is 1800 Watts (14.50 Amp) and delivers 1850 – 3350 RPM.

    The weight of the EKF 545 is 9.3 Kg. (20.5 lbs.) and is available in 230 and 110 Volts.

  • EKF 630

    30° X 15 mm Beveling

    The EKF 630 Heavy Duty Beveling Machine is an ideal machine for beveling 30-degree in 15 mm (0.590”) width. Equipped with a powerful German make motor of 2300 Watts (20.9 Amp) delivering 1600 – 3000 RPM with variable speed control.

    EKF 630 weighs just 10.2 Kg (22.48 lbs.) and is available in 220-240 V & 110-125 V (50-60 Hz).

    A wide range of materials can be machined easily with the variable speed control & full wave control electronics in combination with the strong motor output. The new inserts with four cutting edges also make machining easier.

    A new gear mechanism redesigned especially for the new EKF Beveling Machine series delivers maximum stability: The double bearing in the working spindle angular ball bearings in tandem ensures precise concentricity and stability.

  • EKF 645

    45° X 15 mm Beveling

    The Made in Germany Portable Plate Beveling Machine For 45-Degree Chamfering and 15 mm (0.590”) Width. Provided with a robust motor of 2300 Watts (20.9 Amp) which delivers 1600 – 3000 RPM with variable speed control.

    EKF 645 is available in 220-240 Volt and 110-125 Volt. EKF 645 weighs just 10.2 Kg (22.48 lbs.).

    The rotary disc with recirculating bearings reduces friction resistance and energy consumption. New unique tangential plate configuration, No impact jarring when operating at low speeds, Clean milled edges, even in internal and external radii, Ideal for weld seam preparation.

  • SKF 25

    The SKF 25 Portable Beveling Machine also called as Manual Beveling Machine Delivers Wide Chamfers Up To 15 mm, Continuous Angle Adjustment From 15 To 60 Degree. The SKF 25 Beveling Machine Has Ergonomic Handle Arrangement, Easily Guided With Guide Rollers.
    Good Work Preparation, Good Results – This Universal Plate Beveling Machine With Integrated Tube Enables Perfect Weld Preparation.

    Large Guide Rollers And A Continuous Angle Adjustment From 15 To 60° Render The System Practical.The New Hand-Guided BDS Machine Is Ideally Suited For Easy And Quick Preparation Of Welded Seams. On Account Of Its Low Weight Of 22 Kg, It Is Easy To Handle And Can Be Guided Exactly And Easily With Smooth-Running Rollers. The End Result Is Uniformly Milled Edges For Perfect Welded Seams.
    The SKF 25 Beveling Machine Bevels 15° To 60° Angles On Plate Or Pipe With A Continuously Adjustable Angle And Land Width Up To 3/4″. Ideal For Use On Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum And Nonferrous Metals.
    Offers High-Quality Performance That Allows For Superior Weld Connections. Robust Design, Single Operator Control And Easy Handling; Designed For Continuous Operation With Smooth Roller Guides.

    The SKF 25 Beveling Machine’s Anti-Vibration System Protects Electronics And Allows For More Comfortable Operation. Includes One Milling Head And 10 Indexable Inserts For Fast Metal Removal And Extended Tool Life.
    Work On Welding Angles And Weld Preparation On Pipes/Tubes With A Minimum OD Of 6-1/4″ (160mm) With Built-In Pipe Roller Guide; Ideal For Beveling Pipe 6-1/4″ OD And Larger. Precise Roller Guidance, Low Friction Resistance. Single-Operator, Straightforward Handling.
    The automatic feed beveling machine is available as model number AutoCUT 500


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