T.C.T. hole saw Meta-core TR Without collar

  • Without a stopper (collar), added depth of cut is possible.
  • 3-ply cutters reduce tip cracks even with hard use.
  • The 35mm effective depth enables drilling materials such as thick steel plates, curved surfaces of metal pipes having heavy large wall thickness etc.

The T.C.T. Hole Saw Meta-Core TR Without Collar Drill is a versatile and durable drilling tool that offers a range of features to make drilling faster, easier, and more efficient. With its quick body replacement, this drill is designed to save time and effort by allowing for swift and easy changes to the cutting head as needed.

Thanks to its unique design without a stopper (collar), the T.C.T. Hole Saw Meta-Core TR Without Collar Drill enables the added depth of cut, making it ideal for drilling through thick steel plates, curved surfaces of metal pipes, and other materials with heavy large wall thickness. This makes it a perfect tool for those who need to work with a variety of different materials and require a tool that can handle different drilling depths.

In addition, the 3-ply cutters on this drill are engineered to reduce tip cracks even with hard use, providing a longer lifespan and making it more economical for frequent users. This feature ensures that you can use your T.C.T. Hole Saw Meta-Core TR Without Collar Drill for a longer period without needing to replace it frequently.

With an effective depth of 35mm, the T.C.T. Hole Saw Meta-Core TR Without Collar Drill is a powerful tool that can handle a wide range of drilling tasks. Whether you need to drill through thick metal pipes or make holes in steel plates, this tool provides the strength, durability, and versatility to get the job done quickly and easily.

Ultra-hard hole saw – Meta-core TR [Without collar] (MCTR-TN type)
Size Diameter(mm) Effective Length(mm) Shank Dia(mm) Pcs./box JAN Code
MCTR-14TN 14 35 10 5 4989270471610
MCTR-15TN 15 4989270471030
MCTR-16TN 16 4989270471627
MCTR-18TN 18 4989270471634
MCTR-20TN 20 4989270470002
MCTR-21TN 21 4989270470750
MCTR-22TN 22 4989270470767
MCTR-23TN 23 4989270470774
MCTR-25TN 25 4989270470781
MCTR-27TN 27 10/13 4989270470798
MCTR-28TN 28 4989270470804
MCTR-30TN 30 4989270470811
MCTR-32TN 32 35 10/13 3 4989270470828
MCTR-33TN 33 4989270470835
MCTR-34TN 34 4989270470842
MCTR-35TN 35 4989270470859
MCTR-38TN 38 4989270470866
MCTR-40TN 40 4989270470873
MCTR-42TN 42 4989270470880
MCTR-45TN 45 4989270470897
MCTR-50TN 50 4989270470903
MCTR-51TN 51 4989270470910
MCTR-52TN 52 4989270470927
MCTR-53TN 53 4989270470934
MCTR-54TN 54 4989270470941
MCTR-55TN 55 4989270470958
MCTR-60TN 60 1 4989270470033
MCTR-65TN 65 4989270470019
MCTR-70TN 70 4989270470040
MCTR-75TN 75 4989270470057
MCTR-80TN 80 4989270470026
MCTR-100TN 100 35 13 1 4989270471078
MCTR-110TN 110 4989270470637
MCTR-120TN 120 4989270471641

Center drill (cobalt)
Size Diameter(mm) Overall Length(mm) Hole Saw Size(mm) JAN Code
STR-6 6 75 14-80 4989270511132
SL-8 8 70 100-120 4989270511040

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